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Discover the legendary drink of the Roman legions!

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Legio is a drink known in the ancient world as “Posca”.

Posca is the legendary drink of the Roman legions. LEGIO is the re-birth of Posca in the 21st century: an organic, antique isotonic drink, with antioxidative effect and the glory of the Roman Empire embodied within it.

The worlds oldest sports drink, Posca is famed for quenching thirst like no other drink and for being refreshing while providing essential minerals and energy.

LEGIO is made with only 4 organic ingredients of the highest quality: Water, salt, agave syrup and red wine vinegar. Nothing more, nothing less. The real deal /no fake – just the best for your body. All biological, vegan and no compromise. A defiant stance against the synthetically ridden potions of modernity.

Feel the might, the glory and the power of the Roman Empire with every thirst-quenching sip of Legio and outperform your own expectations. It is in you! It is your heritage as it is the heritage of mankind! It is your empire if you make it yours!

Health benefits:

Bio Red wine vinegar:

  • Red wine vinegar contains polyphenol plant antioxydant resveratrol, which is linked to preventional effects with certain forms of leukemia. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/10403535/)
  • The regular ingestion of red wine vinegar can reduce spikes in blood sugar concentration and has a beneficial effect with type 2 diabetes. (https://care.diabetesjournals.org/content/30/11/2814)
  • The acetic acid in red wine vinegar slows down the digestion of carbohydrates and increases the absorbtion of glucose, resulting in less glucose in the blood.
  • Red wine vinegar contains vitamin C, which is necessary for the growth and repair of all body tissue. 

Bio Agave syrup:

  • Agave syrup contains sufficient amounts of vitamins B1, B2, B6, C and K, to provide health benefits when consumed daily (in moderate amounts – you don’t want too much sugar!).
  • Agave syrup contains terpenoids, saponins, inulin, and glycosides. Saponins aid in the binding of cholesterol, lowering overall cholesterol levels, and controlling the growth of cancerous tumors. Agave syrup also contains healthy microorganisms and fiber, which aid digestion.
  • Agave syrup has a very low glycemic index, which makes it taste much sweeter than sugar or honey and which allows us to lower effective sugar levels in the drink. It provides sufficient energy, while not adding a pile of sugar to your diet.

Historical sources:

  • The antique drink Posca, based on red wine vinegar and honey, was popular throughout antiquity. Its isotonic properties were known to the ancient world and thus Posca was cherished by both working civilians, the elite and the Roman army.
  • Roman authors Pliny the Elder as well as Plautus (1st century CE) note that Posca is the daily beverage of the Roman legionnaire.
  • Aëtius of Amida and Paul of Aegina (6th & 7th century CE) mention the positive effect of Posca on digestion and on „mood“.
  • Gerolamo Cardano (ital. Doctor, 16th century CE) thought that one of the main contributing factors of the Roman legions invincibility, was the regular consumption of Posca.
At the heart of our company stands the wish to bring a healthy, natural, high-quality product with an epic history back to life as an alternative to highly processed modern energy drinks. For us LEGIO is more than a drink. More than a life-style product. It is a lifestyle. Legio Invicta GmbH was founded in 2021 in Austria. Realising the vision of LEGIO’s creator and modern-day Roman adventurer Géza Frank, Legio Invicta GmbH set out to bring the world’s oldest sports drink back to all the corners of the former Roman empire and beyond!
LEGIO was born out of the experiences and adventures of Géza Frank, a real Roman soldier in the 21st century, who subjects himself to physical tests in historical gear, which demand highest efforts and a reliable drink.With our products and projects we strive to support interest in history, cross cultural communication and exchange, education, archaeological research, heritage preservation as well as living history projects. We believe in the importance of education and of sound knowledge of history, without clishees and without politically motivated narratives.

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