Austrias Strongest Legionary

LEGIO CEO Competes in Austrian Giants

We are proud to say that our CEO is not only one tough looking legionary, but he is effectively one of Austrias strongest men!

A proud Roman, Patrick Maurer stands 1,83 m tall and currently weighs in at 100 kg. He won the Bavarian Stone Lift in 2019 and is an almost decade long player in the Austrian national rugby team! In June 2022 he placed top 10 at the Austrian Giants Strongmen competitions and currently has the strongest grip in the country! 

Patrick dixit: “The push I’m getting from LEGIO Posca, is the same push Roman legionaries would have gotten while on campaign and which helped them retaining the edge in any situation. This connection to the history of the Roman legions is a strong motivator that helps me conquer in the modern world!”


1050 Wien