Historic Adventure

Historic journey with the faithful reconstruction of a Roman Danube military ship!

In Autumn 2022 LEGIO’S creator and founder Géza Frank set out on a historic adventure with the faithful reconstruction of a Roman military ship he had envisioned. The ship “Danuvina Alacris” (Spirited Danube) was built within the context of the EU Interreg project “Living Danube Limes” at which’s inception Géza stood as creator. The project saw the Danuvina Alacris being rowed down the Danube from Germany to Romania over a distance of over 2.500 km. The first time a Roman ship was rowed for such a distance since late antiquity! A feat for the history books indeed!

Built with faithful reconstructions of Roman ship building tools, the “Danuvina Alacris” was constructed following the idea and concept of Géza Frank who launched the EU funded Interreg Project “Living Danube Limes” in cooperation with the Danube University Krems in 2020. (https://www.interreg-danube.eu/approved-projects/living-danube-limes/section/pilot-sites)

Géza set out to participate for the entirety of the 2500 km journey, effectively rowing the ship for the entire length of the trip. Unfortunately poor planning on the side of the Danube University Krems as well as disagreements between the University and Géza, who wanted the project to be conducted under strict living history conditions, resulted in a boycott of the project lead team of Gézas initial plan. Although the ship and the journey were his idea, he was allowed to participate in “his” project only for the last leg of the journey: rowing through Bulgaria and Romania.

Undeterred, Géza set out for the adventure, bringing only historic clothes and the
equipment of a simple Roman soldier of the 4th century AD. He would be the only member of this entire journey, who would row day in day out in full Roman armour and clothing, thus gaining valuable insights into the functionality of the historic equipment. The venture was indeed also not without danger: a fall into the water in full armour could be fatal.

Also at night Géza set out to camp historically as often as was possible. A simple woollen tent and his soldiers cloak had to be sufficient. Some nights when temperatures dropped to 4° Celsius, the handwoven wool clothing had to prove its worth!

Magic landscapes, friendly and enthusiastic welcomes at every former Roman garrison city, great team spirit of the crew and a real Roman adventure unlike any that has been conducted for a very long time, made all the effort and hardship leading up the journey worth it!

Of course Gézas daily companion was LEGIO posca, which kept him hydrated, refreshed, energised and prevented the feeling of thirst like no other drink.

It is for adventures like these that Géza created LEGIO! To fuel himself and everyone else that wants to conquer their empire!

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