Sailing like in Late Antiquity!

LEGIO creator embarks on the 5th century ship “Brioc” for a historic adventure!

In summer 2023, LEGIO creator and founder Géza Frank will embark for another great living history adventure unique in its scope and wholesomeness! The faithful recreation of an early medieval leather boat, the “Brioc” has been refitted by the Breton living history association “Gward Anod” (Sea Guards) in order to accomplish a journey that would lead the crew from Brittany over the English channel to the coast of Cornwall and up to Scotland via Wales. The crew will be equipped only with historical clothing and sailing equipment and would sail the ship several days over rough open seas. An adventure to say the least!

Such a sailing trip, with only historical clothing and equipment has never been attempted in living history before. Most sailing trips with historic ship reconstructions involve sailors dressed in modern functional equipment. This however removes the human factor to a large extent from the historic experience. 

Therefore, we embark without compromise and only with highest quality replicas of historic equipment!

Follow this epic journey and Géza’s preparations here and on our social media channels


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